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How To Find the Right Storage Unit

Apr 27, 2015
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There is a difference between finding the right storage service and finding the right storage unit. While some of those criteria might overlap, often you will have to go a step or two ahead in order to determine if the storage space is exactly what you need. There are many things that you need to […]

Storage Solutions for Big City Living

Mar 25, 2015
Your best friends just moved to the suburbs.  You?  Still in the city, in a hip one-bedroom. Them? Two-car garage and a big backyard. You? Twenty square-foot balcony, but you have the whole downtown core as your playground, and you don’t have to cut the lawn!  And let’s be honest – you wouldn’t change a thing.  However, when said […]

Winter Tire Storage – Get ‘Em On, Get ‘Em Off!

Mar 6, 2015
This past fall, remember when the air turned ominously cold and you realized it was that weekend, the weekend that everyone and their brother would be at the local tire shop trying to get their snow tires on? Don’t get left in the cold this spring! In the coming weeks, start booking your appointment to […]

Congratulations on Your New Baby … and Your New Baby Stuff

Feb 17, 2015
When you’re expecting your first child, you get a lot of advice, much of it unsolicited.  One of the things you’ll probably hear (and it’s a fact) is that, while babies may be small, they don’t travel lightly!  Car seats, strollers, booster seats, playpens, co-sleepers, bouncy-saucer-shaped-swing-a-things… If you’re a parent, you know how it works!  […]

‘Tis the Season to be Storing: Storage Unit Solutions for the Holidays

Nov 28, 2014
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The magic of Christmas! Bringing in the season reminds us of Santa Claus, toys, happy smiling faces, lights, holly, wreaths, decorations, Christmas trees, and (my favourite) family visits from afar! As the seasons change, many of us have good reason to think of storage solutions… Just the […]

Public Storage Ottawa Official Grand Opening!

Nov 7, 2014
On October 23rd 2014, Public Storage Canada celebrated the Grand Opening of its newest facility in Ottawa-Orleans. As the latest addition to Canada’s largest and most established self-storage solution provider, our Ottawa-Orleans location is able to boast over 80,000 square feet of rentable space on a single level, with zero stairs or elevators. It was […]

De-Clutter Your Closets by Donating to the Kidney Clothes Program!

Oct 29, 2014
It seems to be just one of those unavoidable facts of life: we all have pesky things that hang around our homes, and we just can’t seem to figure out what to do with them! So we store them—in the basement, the attic, the spare “bedroom”, or the garage. But in the end, this means […]

Showing the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Oct 24, 2014
In the corporate world, rewards for a job well done are likely to come in the form of dollars-and-cents, or other monetary perks, like bonuses, commissions, and company shares. But more often than not, when we want to feel appreciated as employees, sometimes it’s really the little things that count… like a family-sized Thanksgiving dinner […]

Public Storage at the MS Walkathon

Oct 8, 2014
Multiple Sclerosis is a terrible disease; we do not know what causes it, but we do know that the people and the loved ones around it are profoundly affected. To help raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, we all got together on this beautiful Saturday morning at Park Marcel Laurin, in order to complete the 1.5 […]

That Text Can Wait – Don’t Drive Distracted!

Aug 14, 2014
At Public Storage, we’re all about helping people cope with change, whether it’s in your personal life or business. When things change, this often means you’ll need some extra space to help deal with that change. Our core belief is that we can be successful by helping people; and so, with that spirit in mind, and because so […]
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