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For Your Lifestyle September 27, 2016

Bicycle Storage – Nifty Storage Solutions for Your Two-Wheeler

Bicycle hanging on wall

Cycling is a sport enjoyed by thousands of Canadians every summer, and for some, it’s a method of transportation used all year round. At this time of the year, autumn is officially just around the corner, and that means inclement weather and colder temperatures are on the way, too. However, unless you’re really dedicated, you might prefer to have a safe practical means of storing your bike until the return of sunny skies and fair weather.

Options for bike storage


This is a secure, permanent (and pricey) option for bicycle storage. Bike sheds come in a range of materials for greater degrees of durability and longevity, and also a wide range of sizes to suit the number of bikes stored. However, due to the space they can take up, they are mainly suitable if you have enough yard or driveway space.


Bike tents also do a great job of protecting your bike from the elements, and better yet, they’re collapsible to be taken down when convenient. However, as a trade-off, you can expect a lower degree of security compared to the bike shed. And again, this option is suitable if you’ve got the outdoor space available in which to use it.


No space? No worries! A good vinyl bike cover is durable, inexpensive, and can be used anywhere you park your bike outdoors, whether it’s a public bike rack or your apartment balcony. As long as you’ve got access to something that physically supports your bike, you’re good to go.


If storing your bike outside isn’t suitable for you, look into a space-saving option that is both relatively non-obtrusive and not bulky. Put an end to leaning your bike against the wall, and having pedals and handlebars scratch up the paint and ruin the wallpaper! The bike stand is highly portable, light-weight, and can be folded down for easy storage when not in use.


The bike hoist is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a pulley system that connects to your bike, and you can suspend your two-wheeler right from the ceiling! As a result, however, in terms of practicality, it’s something that would be a better option if you’ve got a garage or high ceilings in your home.


As a staple of home storage indoors, we’ve all heard of shoe racks and coat racks; but there’s such a thing for your bike, too! Racks typically hold up to two bicycles, and do the job of getting your bike off the floor and out of the way. They can be free-standing, and set up easily without the need of drilling or tools, so they’re a good choice if you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss solution. Other versions are also available for permanent, fixed wall-mounting.


As long as you don’t mind drilling holes in the wall, and you’re not too tight on indoor space, a sturdy bicycle hook can be the answer. There are several types on the market, but whichever one you choose lets you simply hang your bike from the wheel, so you won’t have to worry about getting a product that has to be compatible with your bike frame.

Offsite self-storage

When space is too limited, if there’s no more room at your condo storage or the local cycle shop, or if you simply don’t want to make your bicycle a visible part of your décor, then self-storage is certainly a viable alternative, which provides you with access to your bike anytime you want, any time of the year. If you have only have one bike to store, and you’re willing to stand it up vertically, then the smallest standard storage unit size will more than suffice, letting you save you money in the long run. Inside the unit, you can still use portable items like a stand and a cover to store and protect your bicycle while you’re not using it, and moreover, you’ll still have ample space available for your toolset, air pump, and even a few other sports accessories that don’t need to be hanging around your home while you wait out that never-ending Arctic cold front.

However, before you put your bicycle in storage, there a few basic precautions you can take to optimize its condition later on:

  • Clean your bike thoroughly before your store it and inflate the tires fully
  • Keep it out of the sun! Not only can it cause the paint to fade, but direct sunlight over the months can cause severe damage to the rubber in your bike’s tires
  • Clean and lubricate your bike’s cables and moving parts, like the gears and the chain
  • If you’re using offsite storage, check to see if the facility has climate controlled or heated storage available for maximum care

When you finally do take your bike out of storage, especially if it’s been there for at least several months, don’t forget it to take it into the cycle shop for a quick inspection and tune-up. Just as with a car, conducting routine maintenance and occasional upgrades will go along way to increasing the years of use you’ll get out of your bicycle. Once you know your bike’s performance-primed, break out your helmet, and happy trails!

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