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For Your Lifestyle May 9, 2015

Star Wars Got Us Thinking About Storing Collectibles

Star Wars

Are you part of a generation that remembers the 1970’s? Great! Then, you probably also fondly remember a little series of movies called “Star Wars”. Well, we’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, given that the sequels are set to launch later this year.  While this is great news for fans young and old alike, we also can’t but help reminiscing about all the movie-themed toys we had – and somehow don’t have anymore, which would now be worth a virtual mint.  Yes, early retirement eluded us, too, as our moms gave away boxes of these things in garage sales, and somehow did not have the foresight to keep unopened duplicates of every toy purchased tucked safely away to ensure our retirement plans.

But hey, it was the 70’s, and that’s how things worked. Today’s youth are much more in tune to a little thing referred to as “re-sale value”, however, and, hopefully, they’ll be much less likely to be kicking themselves in 30 years, when the toys from those sequels are as coveted as your 1978 Boba Fett is today. So first, before you toss out that new action figure, first bike or Singing-Pizza Elmo, consider that there’s a practical alternative: self-storage!  At Public Storage, we’ll keep your collectibles safe—whether they’re for your next kid, your grandkid, or your grandkid’s early retirement, we’ll make sure you’ll find them like you left them. (And, we promise we won’t play with the Boba Fett toy– no matter how much we want to!)

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