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Community August 14, 2014

That Text Can Wait – Don’t Drive Distracted!


At Public Storage, we’re all about helping people cope with change, whether it’s in your personal life or business. When things change, this often means you’ll need some extra space to help deal with that change. Our core belief is that we can be successful by helping people; and so, with that spirit in mind, and because so many of our customers rent a truck for their move, we want to bring to light the dangers of distracted driving.

For a variety of reasons, we often get customers calling in while they’re on the road. They may be looking for directions, or just want to confirm gate hours. In many such cases, people don’t think twice about using a hand-held device while driving. But, as we recently discovered, drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision while using these devices at the wheel of a heavy vehicle—including the cube van you might be thinking of renting!

In rush hour traffic, a driver has 10x more distractions than a fighter pilot does – if that’s not enough cause for concern, then check out the infographic below that was recently published by the folks at belairdirect.

"Some Facts About Texting and Driving" infographic