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For Your Business October 4, 2019

The Benefits of Using A Storage Unit for Your Business

Piles of paperwork in the office and laptop on the desktop

Companies of all sizes can benefit from a storage unit, whether they are planning to relocate or just need a little extra room. Here’s how a storage unit can help your business stay organized and secure.

Safety and Security

You want peace of mind when you’re running a business. You want to know that everything is in its right place and that it’s secure. Storage units provide a safe and temperature-controlled environment for your most important business documents, furniture, and inventory.

Many storage units provide extensive access hours, sometimes even round-the-clock, meaning that you can get what you need even outside of regular business hours. But having convenient access doesn’t mean that just anyone can come into your unit. Expect surveillance cameras and secure entry. You can trust that your belongings are safe from theft with the highest level of protection.

Save Money with Storage

Renting a business storage unit can save your business money. Many businesses can’t afford to pay rent in a building to store large equipment and documents. Fortunately, businesses can use storage units for temporary purposes or to protect office items for an extended amount of time, including the long term. Based on the time frame of your storage needs, some storage companies allow you to prepay in monthly blocks for added discounts.

A unit can also save your business money on office space. Instead of upgrading to a larger office, you can store items you don’t need regularly to maintain your current location. Some smaller businesses find that they don’t need office space at all when they put their items in storage. Many storage units offer month-to-month agreements, so you’re not locked into a long-term commitment. You get the flexibility you need as your company grows and shifts.

Storing Documents

Running a business involves mountains of paperwork. It’s a fact of life. A unit can be your deposit place for documents you don’t need to access regularly, such as annual performance reviews and yearly tax files. Historical records like job applications and customer logs could also go in the unit. Moreover, a storage unit is a great offsite protection option for sensitive documents that might contain employee names and ID numbers.

Storing Furniture

A clean office is a happy office. Furniture storage can reduce the amount of clutter in your workplace. You can also store furniture or equipment that is only used by temporary employees or interns. It’s also helpful to store furniture while the office is being painted or remodeled. While you are putting office furniture into storage, make sure to protect the sides and corners to prevent damage. Consider using the desk drawers to store smaller items for additional storage space.

Keep it Neat and Clean

A key part of having a storage unit is organizing it successfully. Here are some quick tips for how to organize your unit:

  • Pack smart: Place heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top. This reduces the risk of larger items falling and becoming damaged. It also makes it safer to reach things.
  • Make a clear path: Organize the unit so there is a clear walkway between boxes. You don’t want your unit to become so overwhelmed that it is difficult to navigate.
  • Label everything: It’s easy for files and inventory to get misplaced or disorganized if they aren’t labeled clearly. Put a label on the front, top, and sides of each box so you know what’s where. Include the name of the item and, if necessary, the day or month it was added to the unit.
  • Keep a content list: You need to know what’s in your unit at a glance. Make a detailed content list and update it regularly, ideally every three to six months. You can task a specific member of your team with overseeing updating the list of contents.

Get Convenience

We spend so much of our time looking for lost or misplaced items. With a storage unit, you know everything is all in one place. It’s right there when you need it. This can increase your business’s efficiency and responsiveness.

Business storage isn’t an out of sight, out of mind situation. It’s a dynamic tool for helping your business stay on track for success. Consider a storage unit to help take your business to the next level.

Written by Brittany Waddell

Brittany Waddell is a contributing writer and media specialist for North American Van Lines. She often produces content for a variety of storage and moving blogs.