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For Your Lifestyle April 27, 2016

Da Vinci? Picasso? [Your Name Here]? Discover Art & Painting Storage from Public Storage Canada

Hands holding paint brushes

Are you a budding artist or artisan? Love to paint, draw, sculpt, take photos, make things out of old tires? Have ideas and are constantly collecting found materials you want to use one day in a project that will change the course of humanity? Of course you do! But who has the time, and who has the space?

Um, not to boast, but we do! At Public Storage, we have long offered clean, dry storage for your art supplies and equipment, or your backlog of inventory as you prep for the next show or craft fair. Our range of unit sizes ensure ample room for cataloguing, and keeping inventories ready to pack and ship when required. And, we have all the packing materials you would ever need right on site—tissue paper, bubble wrap, foam packing, and more—so you can keep it safe and sound in storage, or in transit.

Are you selling tons of your work with international fame in your future? Then you’ll be happy knowing you can protect your pièce de resistance in-the-making, with state of the art monitoring and security features, along with insurance coverage available at all of our facilities. And, with our climate controlled buildings, you don’t have to worry about damage to your creations over the winter – just in case you do have the next Mona Lisa in there…

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