Storing in Gatineau? Problem Solved!

Are you looking for a budget-friendly space to store your vehicle when you’re out of town? Unlike a public street or parking garage, our parking spaces are affordable without compromising on high-quality, industry-standard site security. When you leave your vehicle with us, our storage service comes with camera surveillance, gated access, and site-wide monitoring and maintenance to maximize safety. Get the perfect vehicle storage solution in Gatineau for stress-free travels! Problem Solved.

Why Choose Gatineau

  • Located off Aut 5 only minutes away from downtown Ottawa
  • Sited within an industrial/commercial area for business storage
  • Located in very close proximity to residential communities for handy household storage
  • Garage-sized storage units and outdoor parking available for short or long-term vehicle storage
  • Situated close to Aut 5 (Aut de la Gatineau) and Rte 105
  • Facility is equipped with PIN code access and 24/7 electronic surveillance

Key Features

  • Storage units with drive-up access available
  • Outdoor parking for passenger vehicles and light-duty commercial vans/trucks
  • Comprehensive range of moving and packing supplies in stock