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Do you want to take back your garage? Or are you moving to a space in the city without proper parking? Are you wondering “Where can I find vehicle storage near me?”

We can help! Public Storage is one of Canada’s most trusted names for safe and secure car storage units. That’s because we offer:

  • 57 convenient locations across Canada, including one near you
  • Protected units for winter car storage, with heated storage options widely available
  • Different sized units to fit all makes of vehicles
  • Monitored and secure units to keep your vehicle safe
  • Convenient month-to-month leases
  • Competitive rates and amazing promos: your first month’s rent is just $1*, or get 50% off on your first 3 months*!

Why Use a Vehicle Storage Unit?

Reclaim Your Garage!

Do you use your garage to store a vehicle that you only use 4-6 months of the year? That can use up a lot of space in your garage. So why not use a local storage facility to keep your vehicle safe and accessible, while opening up new possibilities for your garage space.

If you use a vehicle storage facility, you can transform your garage space into a:

  • Workshop
  • Spare bedroom
  • Home office
  • Games room
  • Man Cave
  • Art/recording studio

Also, many of the city’s apartments and condos in the downtown core don’t offer adequate parking, or any at all. Keep your vehicle close to home, while it’s secure in an accessible and affordable vehicle self-storage unit.

What Type of Unit Do I Need for Vehicle Storage?

Clearly the type of unit will depend on the type of vehicle. So let’s take a closer look:


You Want to Store:

Motorcycles, Snowmobiles or ATVs.

Our Recommendation: 10 ft x 15 ft

Vehicle Storage Unit

This is big enough to store more than one smaller sized recreational vehicle at the same time. (Smaller units will be suitable if you only have one such vehicle to store.)


You Want to Store:

A coupe, hatchback, small Jeep or sportscar, a crossover vehicle, an economy-sized family car.

Our Recommendation: 10 ft x 20 ft

Vehicle Storage Unit

This size is the equivalent in area of a typical parking space. It will provide enough room for most economy to mid-sized passenger vehicles, and a few more odds and ends, like winter tires.

Pickup Truck

You Want to Store:

A full-sized sedan, minivan, or light-duty pickup truck.

Our Recommendation: 10 ft x 25 ft

Vehicle Storage Unit

This will give you enough room for larger passenger vehicles, with room to store things like tools and tires.


You Want to Store:

A cargo van, large-sized pickup truck or SUV.

Our Recommendation: 10 ft x 30 ft

Vehicle Storage Unit

This will be perfect for heavy-duty and larger vehicle types, with extra room to store tools sets, boxes, and equipment, or extra items that you would want to transport regularly.

As an alternative, many of our locations also offer outdoor parking spaces for rent in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that’s just perfect for your vehicle or trailer. Bear in mind that vehicles must be insured while in storage, and that any vehicle or trailer you store in a parking space must be kept in drivable and/or roadworthy condition.

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Do I need to insure my vehicle while it’s in storage?

Yes, all vehicles that are stored in outdoor parking spaces must have proof of insurance through your vehicle insurance provider.

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Customer Reviews

Chloe was very nice and helped me in creating my lease. She was very professional and answered all my questions as I filled out the forms. When I emailed questions about the locker they called me back promptly. Since then, everyone has been incredibly friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend!

Christopher (source: Google)

I have rented two units in two different locations, the second one having been recommended by the first as being less expensive. The staff in both locations were friendly, helpful, and informative. I heartily recommend this business, largely because of its employees, but the units themselves are easy to access and well-lighted. They've done everything they can to make the unwelcome task of storing one's belongings as painless as possible.

Joan (source: Google)

I'm a long-term customer and very satisfied with the service - just got another unit the other day. The facility is very clean and dry and the hallways are bright. Staff are very easy to deal with if you have any questions or need another unit. The location is easy to get in and out of too. Highly recommend!

Anita (source: Facebook)