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Self Storage Units in Etobicoke, ON

320KEtobicoke Population

Data source: Statistics Canada

2.3KNumber of Storage Units in Etobicoke

Data source: Public Storage

Quick Facts

Nested between the borders of Toronto and Mississauga is the not so small, city of Etobicoke. Now pushing a population of over 320,000 people, the area is back in growth mode with extensive condominium development taking place along the waterfront near Humber Bay as well as Bloor Street. But not only is the area on the uptick with residential growth, there’s still great commercial demand for extra space as well with the industrial land near all the major expressways being fully exhausted.

We Love Etobicoke!

We’ve been THE provider for storage space at our 3, large, fully appointed facilities in Etobicoke for over 34 years! What’s even more impressive, is that numerous tenants have been happily renting space here since we opened our first building in the area in Rexdale in 1980!

  • Spot us from the Gardiuner!

    Our other 2 storage facilities in Etobicoke can be easily spotted along the famous Gardiner Expressway. One is at 36 Queen Elizabeth Boulevard and the other is at 2 Mendota Road. Both of these locations, as well the facility on 2 Greensboro Drive (Rexdale), have absolutely every convenience, amenity and feature that gets you the perfect space you need in a clean, dry and secure environment.

  • What you can Expect

    Storage unit sizes range from 25 square feet all the way up to 450 square feet. Between the 3 properties we have over 2,000 units and many of them feature the coveted, added convenience of drive-up access! Keep on clicking, call or visit us to learn more. Our customers keep telling us we’re their #1 choice for storage in Etobicoke. Come by and we’ll show you why!

    36 Queen Elizabeth Blvd Public Storage Location
    2 Mendota Rd Public Storage Location
    2 Greensboro Drive Public Storage Location

We can fit all your stuff.

We offer the widest range of unit sizes. Storage for small stuff. Storage for large stuff. Storage for everything in between!

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