RV and Boat Self Storage – Off-Season Care and Preparation

When the summer season winds down, it’s time to think about storing away your RV or boat for the winter. Using a self-storage service can be a great option, as its facilities have the capacity and come equipped to meet your RV and boat requirements. By observing just a few basic care procedures, you can ensure that your vehicle or watercraft is stored properly and ready for adventure when warmer temperatures return in the spring.

RV and Boat Storage Solutions: Key Features

Whether you have a boat, RV or trailer, it’s essential to store it safely when you aren’t using it during the winter season. At Public Storage, we offer a variety of storage unit types and sizes, along with several features to help protect your investment, such as:

  • Professional expertise to help you find the best storage solution for your unique situation
  • 24-hour electronic surveillance to monitor storage areas throughout the site
  • Multiple locations across the country in or near major urban centres for ease of access
  • Convenient payment options and promotions to save you time and money
  • A month-to-month lease to provide maximum flexibility

RV and Boat Storage Solution Options

At Public Storage, we have several unit types and sizes to choose from to suit your needs. For boat, RV, and trailer storage, here are our recommendations:



You Want to Store:

Motorcycles, Snowmobiles or ATVs.

10’x15’ (150 sq. feet) indoor unit or outside standard parking space

  • Approximately the size of standard single-car garage
  • Suitable for a small pop-up trailer, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or small watercraft, e.g. Sea-Doo
  • Extra space to store smaller seasonal equipment and accessories, e.g. spare tires, life vests, helmets, camping gear, etc.

Small boat on trailer

You Want to Store:

Boat with trailer

10’x20’ (200 sq. feet) indoor unit or long outside vehicle parking space

  • Approximately the size of a large single-car garage
  • Suitable for a small boat with trailer (outdoor or indoor, depending on height clearance)
  • Extra space for recreational equipment and accessories, canoe or kayak, sports equipment, etc.

Silver retro style RV

You Want to Store:

Small RV or Boat

10’x25’ (250 sq. feet) indoor unit or extra-long outside vehicle parking space

  • Similar in size to a single-car garage with extra depth
  • Suitable for small recreational vehicle (outdoor parking space) or boat, e.g. bowrider
  • Extra space for recreational and sports equipment, seasonal accessories, bicycles, barbecue, canoe


Modern large RV

You Want to Store:

Large RV or Boat

10’x30’ (300 sq. feet) indoor unit or outside parking space for heavy-duty vehicles and RVs

  • Comparable in size to a double-car garage
  • Provides space for a large recreational vehicle (outside parking space) or boat, e.g. deck boat
  • Extra room for boating and recreational equipment, motorcycle, camping gear, canoe, and seasonal items like patio set, lawnmower, snowblower, etc.

In deciding whether an indoor or outside storage space is best, don’t forget to factor in the unit’s height and door clearance. Still unsure about the amount of storage space you’ll need? Use our storage calculator to determine the right unit size for you!

RV Storage Preparation

Keep your RV secure and ready for the next journey by preparing it for storage. Here are some basic tasks to help winterize your vehicle:

  • Tidy the interior of your RV and remove personal belongings
  • Prevent frozen pipes by turning off the water heater and allowing the water to drain
  • Fill the water system with antifreeze
  • Remove batteries
  • Use a dehumidifier to help prevent moisture and mould damage to the interior
  • Seal any cracks and openings to prevent pests from getting in
  • Fully inflate tires
  • Clean awning and air conditioner filters to prevent moisture buildup
  • Thoroughly wash the exterior of your RV and seal it with a coat of wax afterwards
  • Cover your RV with a breathable tarp

For more on RV Storage Preparation visit How to Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage

Where to Store Your RV

Our locations come equipped with security surveillance, outdoor parking, affordable payments and more. We have suitable RV and trailer storage sizes available across the country. Learn more about a self-storage facility near you! Still have questions about storage? Check out our handy FAQ page for more info!

Alberta RV Storage

Calgary-2140 23rd St. N (Barlow Trail NE/23rd St. NE)

British Columbia RV Storage

Port Coquitlam – 1522 Broadway Street (Mary Hill Bypass/Broadway St.)

Ontario RV Storage

Kitchener – 409 Weber St W (Weber St W/Union St E)

Ottawa-Orléans – 3545 St. Joseph Blvd (St. Joseph Blvd/Tenth Line Road)

Waterdown – 591 Safari Rd (Hwy 6/Safari Rd)

Woodstock – 1310 Dundas St. (Dundas St./Lansdowne Ave.)

Québec RV Storage

Montréal (St-Laurent) – 5605 Ch de la Côte-de-Liesse  (Ch. de la Côte-De-Liesse/Aut 15.)

South Shore (St. Lambert) – 380 boul Sir Wilfried Laurier (Boul. Sir-Wilfried Laurier/Ave. Victoria)

Boat Storage Preparation

Keep your boat secure and ready for the next boat season by preparing it for boat self-storage. Here are some tasks to winterize your watercraft:

  • Make sure to remove your personal belongings from the boat
  • Put a moisture absorbent product inside your boat to help prevent excess moisture buildup
  • Power wash the exterior of the boat and apply wax afterwards to prevent potential rust formation during storage
  • Flush liquids such as the coolant system and add antifreeze
  • Remove batteries and dry belts to prevent them from getting damaged during the winter
  • Perform an oil change
  • Check to see if you need to fill the fuel tank and use a marine fuel stabilizer to help prevent corrosion
  • Apply a boat cover to protect your watercraft

For more Boat Storage Preparation visit our Boat Storage: Practical Tips post for more detailed tips.

When You’re About to Store Your Boat

If you’re planning to store your boat in a self-storage facility, here are some important to-do’s to keep in mind when you get there:

  • If you don’t already have a boat cover over your boat at this point, cover it up to protect it during storage from dirt, dust and sunlight
  • Close any openings like doors and windows
  • Don’t forget to visit the facility to check on your boat periodically for the storage duration
  • For additional security, you can install locks on the engine and wheels

Where to Store Your Boat

Our locations come equipped with security surveillance, outdoor parking, affordable payments and more! We have suitable boat storage units available across the country. Learn more about a boat self-storage facility near you.

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