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One of the things you can count on in life is change. You’re here because something in your life or business is changing, and you need extra space because of it. That’s what we do best. For close to 40 years, Public Storage has helped people with a variety of life situations just like yours get the perfect storage solution, when they need it and for as long as they need it.

We want self-storage to be easy and that’s why every Public Storage location has a comprehensive range of storage unit sizes and types, along with all the handy accessories you can think of right on site. We can help you choose from a large, practical assortment of boxes and packing supplies to protect your contents (and we’ll even help you load them into your car!)

We keep things simple. We provide unbeatable value. And that’s why we’ve been trusted by Canadians to get clean and secure storage space more than any other provider. Let’s get started!

Find the Perfect Size

We build ‘em large and small, and every size in between. All our facilities have versatile standard sizes, or even additional custom sizes to accommodate diverse requirements. Just tell us what you want to store and we’ll find something ideal for your needs.

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Packing Supplies

While it’s always good to discuss your unique storage needs with one of our experts, we have a wide range of convenient products to help you get started with organizing your move and protecting your goods in storage.

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Temperature Control

Do you have fragile items you need to store? Not sure if temperature-controlled storage is right for you? Find out more about choosing the right options.

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Storage Solutions

Find out how the right storage unit can help you manage your stuff and stay organized for your home, your business and your lifestyle needs.

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Vehicle Storage

Do you want to take back your garage? Or are you moving to a space in the city without proper parking? We can help! Public Storage is one of Canada’s most trusted names for safe and secure car storage units.

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One of our promotions is so popular it’s almost famous. On many units at Public Storage, you’ll pay just $1 for your first month’s rent! No commitment required. No strings attached!

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Not Sure How
Self-Storage Works?

Don’t fret! Find out everything you need
to know about storage reservations,
payments, and rentals, and get key
information for moving in.

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Customer Reviews

Let me start by saying how wonderful the entire staff was… They didn't treat me as just a customer, but as a friend… and guided [me] through the process very professionally… Overall, I didn't feel like I was renting a storage unit, but maybe purchasing a fancy car or staying at a nice hotel. [T]his place is extremely affordable, much better pricing than competitors, and for the quality of service, you will never find anything like this in the area… Walk around this brand-new building, which is astounding. Extremely clean, classy, just beautiful. This is a 5-star hotel for [your] items.

Mostafa (source: Google)

Chloe was very nice and helped me in creating my lease. She was very professional and answered all my questions as I filled out the forms. When I emailed questions about the locker they called me back promptly. Since then, everyone has been incredibly friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend!

Christopher (source: Google)

I have rented two units in two different locations, the second one having been recommended by the first as being less expensive. The staff in both locations were friendly, helpful, and informative. I heartily recommend this business, largely because of its employees, but the units themselves are easy to access and well-lighted. They've done everything they can to make the unwelcome task of storing one's belongings as painless as possible.

Joan (source: Google)

I'm a long-term customer and very satisfied with the service - just got another unit the other day. The facility is very clean and dry and the hallways are bright. Staff are very easy to deal with if you have any questions or need another unit. The location is easy to get in and out of too. Highly recommend!

Anita (source: Facebook)

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