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$1 for your first month’s rent. *
That’s not a typo.

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But seriously, you read it right and no strings attached. You don’t need to rent for a second month or prepay. If you want to take off after the month is over, you do just that. In case you are still scratching your head, it’s worth repeating again.

Indoor self-storage units

Just $1 covers your rent for the first month at Public Storage, the pioneers and still the leaders of self-storage in Canada.

$1 for your first month’s rent.
Problem Solved.

At Public Storage you’ll find clean, safe facilities, friendly, helpful staff and everything you need to satisfy your storage needs. From packing supplies to a wide array of storage unit sizes, Public Storage is your answer to long- or short-term storage needs.

Whether for business or personal reasons, if you need to store it, Public Storage means Problem Solved.

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