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For Your Residence July 16, 2020

Get Ready For Moving Day

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Moving Day. When you start planning, it seems weeks away – before it sneaks up on you, that is! Next thing you know, your moving day is right around the corner. We know how stressful this can be, and when the pressure’s on, you’d be surprised at how many details just get lost in the shuffle. So to help you stay organized, here are some great pointers to make your move easier:

Pre-Rent Your Storage Unit

To help speed up your move, Public Storage offers storage pre-rentals that can get your storage unit all set up before your actual moving date arrives. With a pre-rental, you can ensure that:

  • Your lease agreement is already signed
  • Your storage account is already set up
  • The first month’s rent on your storage unit is already paid
  • The unit is move-in ready. You’ll just need to put your lock on the unit door and get the access code at the rental office

Take Advantage of Checklists

You could do this the old-fashioned way with pen and paper or with a handy app. Either way, it’s always easier to keep track of key tasks together in one place. With a checklist, you can track:

  • The number of boxes you have and their contents, sorted by room
  • All the places where you’ll need to update your change of address
  • Location and quotes from local movers or truck rentals

Buy All Your Moving Supplies in Advance

Let’s face it, garbage bags are not a great substitute for sturdy boxes with protective padding. Here are some essential packing supplies to really stock up on:

  • Boxes and bins
  • Protective supplies like bubble paper, packing peanuts and shrink-wrap
  • Furniture covers for mattresses and upholstered furniture
  • Boxcutter, labels and tape

Organize Your Move Well Ahead of the Moving Date

Most importantly, if your move is DIY, do your utmost to make sure your team of helpers is ready to go when Moving Day comes along:

  • Get rid of things you don’t need so they’re out of the way. You can always store the items you’re not sure about.
  • Give friends and family plenty of advance notice so they can fit your move into their schedules. Remember to reconfirm their availability a few days before Moving Day.
  • Make sure everything is packed up and good to go, so all your team needs to do is carry things out to the vehicle

Safety Tips for Storage

Last but not least, a big move can easily turn into a disaster if basic safety precautions aren’t put in place. Here are some great tips to protect yourself and your goods during the move:

  • Don’t overload boxes or bend over to pick them up. It’s gentler on your back to squat from the knees.
  • Protect your hands by bringing along hand sanitizer and a pair of work gloves.
  • Keep your feet safe with close-toed or safety shoes
  • Make sure box labels are brightly coloured with large print for easier visibility

Putting all these tips together will give you a big head-start – so when Moving Day rolls around, you’ll be cool, calm, and collected!

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