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Packing Supplies

The Key To A Successful Move Is Preparation.

Don’t underestimate this step. Properly packing your belongings and preparing them for moving and storage requires organization and planning – and always a few more boxes than you think! That’s why it’s good to start early by gathering all the supplies you need.

We understand that moving can be hectic and that’s why we want to help smooth things out and lighten the load! Public Storage has got you covered for all your moving supply necessities. Check out our complete range of diverse products and discover the best ones for your moving situation.

* Please note that certain items may not be available at all locations; cylinder lock is required at select properties; sizes are approximate; and prices are subject to change without notice. Prices may vary between regions; AB, BC, ON, QC. Please call for store specific pricing.


Boxes are one of the most important items for moving. They can keep your possessions safely protected, are relatively easy to carry, and stackable for easy transportation and storage. While you may have some boxes lying around your home, they may not necessarily be the right fit or durable enough for the job.

We offer a variety of box types and sizes available for practical use, including specialty boxes designed to accommodate the various common items in your move, such as your important paperwork, flat-screen TVs, fragile dishware, and your wardrobe. No matter the household type or complexity of your move, we have the right boxes on hand to help you minimize moving day stress.

Box for Electronics


This high quality corrugated box may be used to safely pack, ship and store electronics products. Double walled box can handle loads up to 100 lbs.

(20″L x 20″W x 12″D)

Dish Box


This box has extra strength protection for your fragile dishes and glasses. Double walled box that can handle loads up to 100 lbs. Suggested use for 7" glasses and dishes.

(28″L x 18″W x 18″D)

Extra Large Box


This box is ideal for packing large bulky items, blankets, linens, etc. It works well for packing lampshades, clothes or light weight items. Can handle loads up to 65 lbs.

( 22″L x 22″W x 22″D)

File Box


This box holds letter or legal files. The box is easily assembled with a flip-top lid that you can't lose. It's medium-duty construction is ideal for moderate stacking or for use with shelving.
Can handle loads up to 65 lbs.

(15"L x 12"W x 10"D)

Flat Wardrobe Box


You can easily pack clothes for moving and storage with this box. This is a single walled box that can handle loads up to 65 lbs.

(32″L x 18″W x 9″D)

HDTV Boxes

$15.99 - $28.99

Our Flat Screen TV moving boxes can be used for Plasma TVs and general Flat Screen TVs. They are heavy duty, double walled moving boxes. Holds up to 100 lbs.

SML (37"L x 25"W x 6.5"D) $15.99
MED (46"L x 31"W x 6.5"D) $18.99
LRG (55"L x 37"W x 6.5"D) $22.99
XLRG (66"L x 41"W x 6.5"D) $28.99

Lamp/Tall Box


This box is suggested to be used for storing a short lamp base and shade.
It can handle loads up to 65 lbs.

(40″L x 14″W x 14″D)

Large Box


Large box recommended for bulky items that are not too heavy, including pots & pans, toys, linens and other household goods such as pillows or stereo speakers. Can handle loads up to 65 lbs.

(24″L x 18″W x 18″D)

Medium Box


Medium box used to easily pack items such as clothes, small kitchen appliances, toys, shoes or miscellaneous household goods. It is also ideal for packing books, and odd objects. Can handle loads up to 65 lbs.

(18″L x 18″W x 16″D)

Picture/Mirror Box


This box is ideal for packing paintings and mirrors. Note: Wrap items in protective packaging, like bubble wrap, for optimum protection. Can handle loads up to 65 lbs.

(37"L x 27"W x 4"D)

Small Box


Small box is best used for heavy items, such as books, and items that are not too bulky. Great for shipping too. Easy to carry and can handle loads up to 65 lbs.

(17″L x 13″W x 13″D)

Wardrobe Box with Hanger Bar


Designed to carry clothing on hangers. It is also great for drapes and bedding. If you have space at the bottom, it is a great place for shoes and handbags.Holds up to 95 lbs.

(42″L x 24″W x 24″D/hanger bar 24″)

Extra Small Box


The Extra Small box is recommended for packing small, heavy items. It is built sturdy and strong for goods that require extra protection. Perfect for storage, moving, and shipping applications and ideal for secure stacking. Can handle loads up to 65 lbs.

(12"L x 12"W x 12"D)

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Environmental Initiatives

Public Storage boxes are 100% recyclable, and are made with 45-60% recycled materials.