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How to Plan Ahead for the Big Home Move and Make Life Easier

Aug 4, 2016
Although it’s one of the most demanding pressures on time, money, and energy (which is why nobody likes doing it), at some point, moving is going to be inevitable. And it’s usually a big job that requires a lot of preparation in advance, with much more to it than just finding a storage service and […]

Declutter Your Garage – Spring Cleaning Tips

Jul 12, 2016
Is your garage jammed to the rafters with stuff so that your car(s) have to park on the driveway? Instead of letting go of our stuff, we dump it in our garages – out of sight out of mind. Spring is a perfect time to clean the garage ̶ before it gets too hot, and […]

The Top Ten Reasons You Should Move to Toronto

Jun 1, 2016
I moved to Toronto seventeen years ago with no intention of staying beyond my university years. I remember looking at this young, concrete city – frigid in winters, smouldering in summers and with only a CN Tower to brag about – and thinking: “One day, I will live somewhere better.” But then something happened. Toronto […]

Da Vinci? Picasso? [Your Name Here]? Discover Art & Painting Storage from Public Storage Canada

Apr 27, 2016
Are you a budding artist or artisan? Love to paint, draw, sculpt, take photos, make things out of old tires? Have ideas and are constantly collecting found materials you want to use one day in a project that will change the course of humanity? Of course you do! But who has the time, and who […]

Which Home Is Right For You?

Mar 17, 2016
 - By
There was a time when the housing market was fairly one-dimensional. There were apartments and houses that you could rent or … you could buy a home. Most homes were built with couples or families in mind that included a master bedroom, the children’s rooms, a bath or two, the kitchen and a living area. […]

Planning To Move? – 10 Tips and Hints

Mar 4, 2016
Use your winter downtime to research and plan for a pending move. There’s no avoiding it, a move is a big, disruptive change that takes lots of time and hard work to execute smoothly. Careful planning will make a world of difference. 1. Determine how much time you have before your move. Time spent planning […]

5 Ways to Reduce Clutter Before It Gets Through the Door

Feb 22, 2016
Do you politely refuse unwanted things others might try to hoist on you? Do you worry what friends might say if they don’t see their gift on the shelf? Do you battle with yourself about yet another decorative item from Home Sense? Here are 5 tips to help navigate sticky situations, leaving your home unburdened […]

What to Expect After Moving Into Your New Home: Maintenance & Lifespan

Jul 28, 2015
Every home’s components have a life expectancy, and when purchasing a re-sale home (a home that has been previously lived in) there are many things to consider. As Realtor’s we always suggest that our clients obtain a home inspection prior to committing to the purchase. A home inspection will give you a good idea of […]

Want to De-Clutter and Clean Your Home? Involve the Kids!

Jul 17, 2015
It’s clear that when work is split amongst a team of people, much more is completed at a much quicker rate than when someone tries to complete tasks alone. We can use this approach to home organization as well. If every person in the home pitched in, the house could be clean and organized in […]

Star Wars Got Us Thinking About Storing Collectibles

May 9, 2015
Are you part of a generation that remembers the 1970’s? Great! Then, you probably also fondly remember a little series of movies called “Star Wars”. Well, we’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, given that the sequels are set to launch later this year.  While this is great news for fans young and old alike, we […]
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