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For Your Residence March 6, 2015

Winter Tire Storage – Get ‘Em On, Get ‘Em Off!

Car Tire

This past fall, remember when the air turned ominously cold and you realized it was that weekend, the weekend that everyone and their brother would be at the local tire shop trying to get their snow tires on?

Don’t get left in the cold this spring! In the coming weeks, start booking your appointment to get your winter tires off, and your all-seasons or summer tires back on.

And this year, do something extra-special for yourself, and leave your snow tires with us, instead of worrying about where to stick them.  Rather than letting them take up all the walking room in your garage, having your snow tires tucked away in your storage locker is the ideal solution for those items that you need, but not necessarily in your way all year long.  And while it may not quite be time to pull out the above-ground pool from your locker just yet when you drop off the tires, don’t worry, before you know it the sun will return, and you’ll be ready!

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