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For Your Residence March 25, 2015

Storage Solutions for Big City Living


Your best friends just moved to the suburbs.  You?  Still in the city, in a hip one-bedroom. Them? Two-car garage and a big backyard. You? Twenty square-foot balcony, but you have the whole downtown core as your playground, and you don’t have to cut the lawn!  And let’s be honest – you wouldn’t change a thing.  However, when said friends from the ‘burbs call and invite you on a camping trip, you’d love to go, but you sold all your equipment 3 years ago when you purchased your condo in the sky!

Then again, who says you can’t have it all?  Be outdoorsy, keep the Coleman stove, and still have the best sushi in the city right downstairs!  At Public Storage, we’ve long been helping city dwellers find the balance they are looking for, so that urban living never has to be a compromise.  Do what you love, whenever you want to, because we’ve got amazing downtown locations in major metropolises across the country, with quick access, dry units, and optional insurance coverage.

So, the next time you’re invited to conquer the Great Outdoors with your suburbanite buddies, you just have to grab your camping gear from your convenient storage locker, pick up some “downtown” coffee for the road (because we all know it’s better than home-brew), and smile bemusedly to yourself while your friends finish their drip coffee and argue about who should have cut the grass before they left.  Yup – wouldn’t change a thing!

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