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For Your Lifestyle June 10, 2014

Why Mom Loves Student Storage Rentals

Vancouver School of Theology

When my son enrolled at University of Victoria, I cried—because he’s my baby, and he now leaves home to come back as a young man! We packed his belongings, loaded our family mini-van, and off we went to catch the ferry.

After a five-hour journey, we were in Victoria! Well, one would think a school year would go on “forever”… Once settled in his new dwelling, we hugged our son and said our goodbyes, and returned home; there was silence, for the most part, on our journey back home to Vancouver.

He, too, missed his family (read: my cooking), but, on the bright side of life, he learnt to cook for himself, learnt to do his own laundry, learnt time management for his studies, and met friends who could become life-long companions!

The month of April comes by, and he says to us that he is done his first year! Well, off we went at the end of April to pack his belongings, and drive back home.

So, he now has a mini-refrigerator, a microwave, a fan, and loads of boxes! Oh, dear! Settled in his room, he looks at me and asks, “What do I do with the other stuff, Ma?”

Here comes the solution for student storage rentals!

A 5×5 with a 10-ft. ceiling is the perfect summertime solution for students: stack boxes on one side of the unit, small appliances on the other side, and there is even room for a suitcase or two!

Now, the countdown begins for the second year of university in September…

A very special thanks to Isabelle Schucroft for contributing her story! We loved it.

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