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For Your Residence October 11, 2013

How to Make your Home More Spacious and Open

Spacious Home

No matter how many square feet your home has, there could be a time when you’ll feel that it’s too small. The good news is that there are things you can do to make your home more spacious. You can revitalize the space and make your home more roomy with just a few basic tricks.

Clear Out Clutter

One of the simplest and even the least expensive things you can do is simply to reduce the amount of clutter you have laying around the room. Organize the room and add shelving or other storage areas that can be kept out of the way. You can then store various items and keepsakes that end up making the room feel small. It might even be a good time to relocate some of those items, like the family board games or the pile of shoes you never wear, to an area out of the way.

Trick Your Senses

Just as certain shirts can make you appear thinner, certain tricks in a room can make it seem larger as well. If you are going to redesign the room, get “see-through” furniture like glass topped coffee tables. This will help your eyes think the room is bigger than it is.

Use Paint

Paint colours can really help a room feel larger as well. Darker paint tones give you an overall cozy feel, but lighter colours will make the room seem larger. Light colours reflect and multiply the light in the room. The space will feel light and airy if you choose a lighter tone for the walls.

Tone Down Collections

If you are a collector and enjoy displaying what you collect, you may simply be making your room appear smaller than it is. Get your collections out of the way. For example, if you decorate with figurines, place this collection in one area and then separate it into groups. Put one group of figurines out and store the others. You can rotate them by season, holiday, or at any other time of the year. You’ll get more enjoyment out of the collection, since you’ll be seeing new parts of it all the time and you’ll get a larger looking room at the same time.

Use Furniture as Storage

And no, that’s not to suggest that you should pile your magazines up on the couch. Furniture takes up a lot of room and if you don’t have the room to spare, you should use the necessary items as both functional sitting pieces and creative storage. Get a coffee table with drawers beneath it or a couch with pouches on the side. You can use your furniture to help you store necessary items without cluttering the room and making it look smaller than it is.

Change Furniture Arrangement

Try different furniture arrangements to help you open up the room as much as possible. You’ll want a few open walkways and as much floor space as you can get. If you’ve found that you simply have too much furniture in the room, try removing an item or two in order to make the room feel and look more open and spacious. Can’t bring yourself to get rid of that bulky but not immediately useful couch? Put it in self-storage.

Get New Lighting

Another intriguing way to trick your eyes into thinking the room is larger is to get new lighting in the room. The lighting can warm the room up and help it to feel as if it’s more spacious than it really is. Try to have a couple of different elements of lighting in the room that you can use at different times of the day. If the room has large windows, natural light during the day is best.

Use Vertical Space

If you have a lot of items you need to get into a room, try to use the space you have available to you in a vertical manner. Custom built-in shelves look classy and can give you the additional storage you need to make your home more roomy.

There are many different things you can do to make your home spacious. Experiment with the above ideas and see which will work for you in the individual rooms that need extra help. You may find that combining a few of the tricks will help you turn a small room into a much more spacious area.

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