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For Your Residence March 4, 2016

Planning To Move? – 10 Tips and Hints

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Use your winter downtime to research and plan for a pending move. There’s no avoiding it, a move is a big, disruptive change that takes lots of time and hard work to execute smoothly. Careful planning will make a world of difference.

1. Determine how much time you have before your move.

Time spent planning and organizing the basics can help make the best use of your time.

2. Consider the distance you will be moving.

Across town, out of province to a new country? Important for planning logistics, timing and budget.

3. Assess your budget.

Will you hire somebody to move your belongings or rent a truck and do the job yourself? Do you have money saved up? Do you still have time to set aside the money you will need?

4. Pare down your belongings starting now.

Sell, donate or trash – anything you can part with is something you don’t have to move. Moving is a great time to be decisive about things you don’t need or use. And if you can’t part with it, even if you can’t move it right away, there are different types of storage options for such situations.

5. Dispose of things that cannot be recycled or donated.

Do you need to shred documents, make a trip to the dump, buy extra trash tags, or hire a disposal company? Plan for these tasks as soon as possible.

6. Reserve a truck.

If you are renting a truck or using a professional moving company, reserve your moving date as soon as you know it. In certain areas and times of year (end of month especially June, college towns and end/beginning of school year), demand is high.

7. List and secure needed supplies.

Assorted boxes, clean paper, packing tape, and markers are the basics. Do you also need carts or dollies, custom carrying cases, or anything else?

8. Plan how you will arrange furniture and belongings in your new home.

Label or mark the destination of each box rather than where it came from.

9. Create a change of address checklist.

You need to inform government agencies, business institutions, utilities, phone and internet providers. Continue to update the list as monthly bills and statements arrive.

10. Consider hiring a move manager.

Not be confused with a mover, a move manager provides multi levels of personalized service – everything from space planning, right sizing, hiring a mover, unpacking, setting up your new home and everything in between. You feel in control, confident and relieved.

Happy Moving!

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Written by Karen Pivnick

Karen Pivnick is the owner and operator of Topcat, a professional organizing and move management service. Karen has a strong desire to help people. Combined with meticulous organizing skills and corporate experience, she always delivers the highest level of professional yet personal service.