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For Your Residence May 26, 2017

Planning a Do-It Yourself Home Move? Get the Team Together!

Unloading Boxes

Okay, this time around, you’re planning a do-it-yourself move. So to stay within your budget, you’re not hiring a costly moving service, and you’re going to be using self-storage as an affordable alternative. But what about getting there?

Naturally, your first thought is to recruit your friends and family. But, with the fast pace and hectic schedules of today’s world, where everyone’s trying to find room for “personal time”, it can seem daunting to figure out how to get your friends to help you out on the Big Day, without making it look like an inconvenience.

So, when it comes to having “that” conversation, we’ve got some ideas which can help influence things in your favour:

#1 – Give everyone as much advance notice as you can

Let your friends and family know when you’re moving as soon as possible. Just as you need enough lead-time to organize your move around your schedule, so do they. And stay in touch, too—make sure their plans haven’t changed since then, and confirm with everyone again the week before. So, in case someone needs to opt out, that still gives you plenty of time to make any adjustments, while keeping your move on-track.

#2 – Try a little old-fashioned quid pro quo

Make a deal! If they’re willing to help you move, sometimes it’s all about giving your friends and family a much-needed break. So offer to mind the kids one weekend. Or to pitch in with the sweaty yard work. Or to help with their home’s new paint job. Whatever it takes—after all, one good turn deserves another!

#3 – Help keep everyone’s expenses down

Are your friends using their own vehicles to help you move? Did good old Dad drive all the way down from cottage country, because he has a pickup truck with a trailer hitch, and you don’t? Then chip in for gas! With the cost-per-litre at well over a dollar at the pumps, it’s the least you can do.

#4 – Make sure the move is going to be as easy as possible

Even though it might seem funny in hindsight, it won’t seem so laughable when the expected “simple” move turns into a labour-intensive ordeal, so don’t leave everyone (and yourself) wasting time and energy getting organized. Try to get as much packed up beforehand, so all your friends need to do is carry it out to the car, instead of wrapping, boxing, and taping. Make sure you’ve already discarded all the items you’re not taking with you, so there’s no confusion with what you’re putting in storage, and no “extra trips” to make drop-offs at the local charity. And when you get to the storage unit, load multiple items efficiently with the onsite dollies—which, after all the huffing and puffing, you’ll be sure to appreciate!

#5 – Reward the hard work

Now that your move is over, it’s time for the fun part! Plan a pizza party with some thirst-quenchers, and just hang out. If it’s summer and you’ve got the grill handy, make it a barbecue instead. Or if that’s just annoying, then head out to your favourite patio—first round’s on you! Three cheers for the Team (your DIY moving team, that is)!

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