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Self-Storage Units For Post-Secondary Students: Need a Place to Store Your Gear?

No room to store at your parents’ place? Do you only need a space to keep it for a few months over the summer or the school term? We can help!

Public Storage is one of Canada’s most trusted names for students looking for safe and secure seasonal storage for their gear, books, and furniture. That’s because we offer:

  • Over 57 convenient locations across Canada, including one near your campus
  • A minimum of 8 different unit sizes at each facility
  • Convenient month-to-month leases
  • Competitive rates for college or university student storage

Get access to reliable student storage as you need it throughout the schoolyear. Many of our locations are heated at no extra cost to ensure your belongings don’t freeze while you’re away.

Moreover, we’ve got some pretty good promotions going on to sweeten the deal: You can choose to get your first month’s rent for just $1*, or get 50% off on your first 3 months* – and that has you covered for almost the whole summer or one full semester! You can start right now by reserving yours online for free!

How Much Space Do You Need for Storage?

That all depends. You can get a good idea of how much space you need for summer storage by using our online estimator.

Or, use this as a guideline.

You have stuff from: a Bedroom or Unfurnished Dorm Room

Just the basics. You have your twin bed or futon, dresser, clothes, a TV and maybe a desk.

  • We recommend: a 5 x 5 Storage Unit

    You can strategically stack things into these student storage units, with a bit of room up top for a few boxes.

You have stuff from: a Bachelor Apartment

Take the stuff from the last list and add some kitchen items like a microwave and stand, a couch, a small kitchen table, and a few more boxes.

  • We recommend: a 5 x 10 Storage Unit

    You may be able to squeeze it all in this unit size, if packed tightly and stacked about 8 feet high. However, depending on the size of some of your furniture items or the number of boxes, you may also need to go the next size level up.

You have stuff from: a 1- or 2-Bedroom Apartment

Have you been sharing your place with a roommate to cut costs? Then you’ll likely have a few more boxes than the bachelor, a larger bed, and maybe another couch, loveseat, or armchair. You may also have a full-size dining table, bookcases, or even a barbecue or a couple pieces of patio furniture that you can take apart.

  • We recommend: A 10 X 10 Unit

    These unit dimensions should be enough to comfortably store everything, with some room to spare. On the other hand, if you’re also planning on storing a major appliance or two, or have a lot of other miscellaneous pieces, such as a large gym set or exercise equipment, you might need to upsize it one unit bigger for a better fit.

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Looking for the best student storage center? We’re the storage experts Canadians have trusted with their storage needs for over 37 years, and from Vancouver to Montreal, we’ve got 57 locations in major college and university towns to choose from. Click here to find one right near you!

Ready to book yours? It’s more affordable than you think! For a limited time, you will get your first 3 months’ rent at 50% off* the regular rates, or your first month for just $1*, with no locked-in contract or commitments required.

*Only on selected units at selected locations.

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