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For Your Residence November 30, 2017

Do-It-Yourself Christmas Holiday Storage With 6 Easy Tips

Open Box of Christmas Decorations

Wouldn’t it be great of there were simple ways that we could deal with storing all that pesky holiday-themed clutter? It sure would! So while it’s ever so jolly when we contemplate the warm friendly get-togethers, special holiday meals, and the presents and treats, unfortunately, the holiday festivities have a shadowy side. It lurks in all the old Xmas decoration boxes under the stairs. It’s the jumbled, disorganized tangle of various ornaments, all clumped together like some weird piece of abstract art. It’s the confusing puzzle of hooks and wires, missing bulbs, and the tufts of tinsel that seem to get into everything, just like cat hair. To be honest, this is one part of holiday preparation that we could all do without – uh, hologram Christmas tree, anyone?

Only this year, it’s the one “tradition” you’re going to eliminate from the holiday rituals, by getting super organized! We explored the Net and gathered up some of the best DIY Christmas holiday storage tips out there. With a few simple hacks, you can get your seasonal bric-a-brac back under control, and squared away for the next holiday season. Best of all, you can get this done using common things already found around the house!

Tip #1. Use an old egg carton to neatly store your holiday tree ornaments

By using multiple cartons, you can group your items into themes by colour and type. As a bonus, the hooks won’t get lost or tangled.

Tip #2. Repurpose an old hockey bag to safely store the artificial tree

By packing neatly, this is a good way to protect your tree’s wire limbs from getting bent. And, once you’re done, it’s easy enough to tuck up in a corner somewhere out of the way.

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Tip #3. Use old cardboard box flaps as a DIY bobbin for winding up your Christmas lights

This idea is pure genius! It not only prevents cords from getting tangled and twisted, it also stacks flat for easy packing.

Tip #4. Save plastic takeaway containers to store delicate or hand-made holiday items

Nowadays, takeaway containers come in such diverse shapes and sizes that they can fit just about anything, and they typically stack well, too. so why not use them for your more fragile ornaments? You can also line containers with tissue paper for added protection.

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Tip #5. Wrap bead garlands around old paper towel tubes

Because it’s so instinctive to throw it out, you’d probably never think of using this one. However, in reality, a paper towel tube will do a perfectly decent job of preventing garland tangles and breakage.

Tip #6. Reuse old shoe boxes for small, miscellaneous holiday items

This can include things like greeting card stock, ribbon rolls, wrapping paper leftovers, etc. And shoe box is a great size, too, since it’s small enough to fit anywhere, and not so big that its contents will end up being a confused, random collection of miscellany.

As a final tip, and maybe most importantly, quit trying to find room to stash everything under the bed or the stairs! You’re probably tired of wasting all that valuable garage space, too. Instead, find an affordable self-storage option nearby to get these seldom-used items right out of your way entirely. After all, the holiday season only comes once a year. And besides, you’re going to need room for all the new goodies Santa’s going to bring! Happy Holidays!

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