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For Your Residence December 30, 2016

It’s a New Year – Clear Your Clutter!

New Years Fireworks

As an annual tradition, everyone has resolutions, ideas – or at the very least, passing thoughts! – about how they would like to make various self-improvements, come the new year.  Chances are, you have a small wish-list of resolutions like the rest of us – but, as we all know, once reality sets in and we add this list to our growing list of lists, it’s tough to stick to resolutions, even though we’d like to see them effect positive change in our lives.

One way we can help is giving you peace of mind about clearing your clutter – and hopefully your thoughts!  Having an efficient space at home – without piles of items that you aren’t currently using, but still need nonetheless – can help us all come closer to some sense of our own personal zen, hopefully!

There are lots of great ideas available as to how to clear your space and minimalize the clutter – donating unused items to charity, passing things you no longer use on to friends who may use them are among them.  However, we all have items that we don’t use all the time, but to which we still need access.  What about the boxes of paperwork in your home office?  Seasonal sports equipment, holiday decorations or gardening supplies?  How about your vacation items, like roof racks, luggage, and apparel for fairer climes?  And hopefully, in a few months (depending on where you live!), you can start storing boxes of winter toques, parkas and snow boots – for a little while, anyways!  When you start thinking of all the items you own, but to which you don’t need regular access year-round, it is amazing how much space can be created in the home, even the smallest. Open, clear space = open, clear mind?  That’s a good resolution!  Best wishes for a Happy 2017!

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