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The key to a successful move is preparation

Don’t underestimate this step. Packing your things and preparing them for transport always takes a little more time – and a few more boxes – than you think! That’s why it’s good to start early, and it’s good to start getting all the supplies you need.

Supplies You'll need

  • Boxes

    Boxes are a great way to pack, and in some cases stack, your belongings so you can make the most out of your storage unit’s space. Our Rental Offices stock every type you can imagine for your small stuff, your wardrobe, to even your HDTVs.

  • Moving Supplies

    Tape, bubble wraps, stretch wrap, foam protective wrap, tissue paper, mattress bags, and furniture covers – that’s just the beginning of all the extras we have here to pack and protect all your stuff. Visit (or call) your property office to see our full stock of supplies.

  • Locks

    Do you have a lock? Don’t forget to get one, you’ll need it to secure your unit so that only you have the keys. Check with our Property Manager to see what type of lock is required forthe doors at their facility. Some properties require a special cylinder lock style and others can fit a standard, heavy duty pad lock. You can purchase the exact type of lock you need right from the Rental Office at the facility.

  • Return Policy

    Don’t get caught short-handed! Think about what needs to gointo your storage unit and how you want to protect it. Keep your originalsales receipt and return any unused or unopened merchandise to any Public Storage location for a full refund. It’s that simple -Now you’re stuff is ready for transport and ready to store!