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Climate Controlled Storage

Why Climate Controlled Storage Might Be Right for You

Did you know you can do permanent damage to a plasma TV by subjecting it to extreme temperatures? Like many modern electronic items, they contain sophisticated components which are sensitive to environmental conditions like heat and moisture. This means that using climate controlled storage as a safeguard is the ultimate answer.

Keep your fragile valuables with the self-storage provider that Canadians continue to trust after over 37 years in the business.

climate controlled storage unit

We offer:

  • Climate controlled self-storage
  • Competitive rates & amazing promos: Your first month’s rent is just $1
  • 57 convenient locations across Canada, including one near you
  • Security control and monitoring
  • 8 different unit sizes or more to choose from at each facility
  • Flexible month-to-month leases

Do You Need a Climate Controlled Self-Storage Unit?

While it may not be necessary, it might be beneficial in the long run, depending on what you want to store. Most items you own have a safe range of temperatures you can keep them in. Most manufactured goods are designed to be kept in an optimal temperature range, similar to the one in which we live. Some common examples include:

  • Guitar (optimal temperature: not to exceed 24 °C)
  • Piano (optimal temperature: around 21-22° C)
  • Artwork (optimal temperature: 21-24 °C)
  • Items powered with a lithium battery, like laptops, tablets, etc. (optimal temperature: 0° to 35° C)

Additionally, even though there’s no set temperature, personal items like medicines, cosmetics, and hair products should be prevented from being exposed to extreme heat and cold. This is especially true if you’re only planning on storing them for the short term and intend to use them again.

In some cases, climate controlled storage is something to consider for furniture, as well. If you have something made out of leather or wood, you’re going to run the risk of cracking or warping over time if you choose “just any” storage. Quality furniture sets are expensive, so protect your investment.

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We’ve been helping Canadians for over 37 years. We bring the professional experience you look for in a self-storage provider, along with a full range of flexible options that are just right for you!

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