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Public Storage Auctions

Public Storage (PS Canada Company ULC, and Public Storage Canadian Properties) will sell the contents contained within the spaces, belonging to the delinquent accounts listed below. Sales will occur by way of competitive bidding at public auction, either online or in person at the addresses noted. Live auctions will be held at the facility location on the date noted, starting at 10:00 am, local time. Any auctions not completed on that date will be completed on the following day at 10:00 am, local time. Online auctions will be conducted via third party online auction site. Online auctions will be open for competitive bidding for a minimum of two weeks. All online auctions details, start and end times can be found by following the link next to the account listing. All sales are conducted to recover rent and expenses owing. Please note that these auctions may be removed or delayed at the discretion of the Public Storage, and tenants may pay amounts owing to secure the contents of the spaces up to two hours before the auction end date/time.

Date of Auction Property Address City Province Unit No. Size Auction Type

Thank you for visiting Public Storage Canada’s auction site. There are currently no auctions active at this time, but please check back later.