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How to Stage Your Home for Sale

Stage Your Home for Sale

Did you know that staged homes are usually sold 6% above the asking price and spend less time on the market?

Staging a home is the fine art of showcasing – it goes beyond decluttering, it empties out all the distracting, excess things in your home until you literally have only two pairs of shoes left on display in your closet. But you’re thinking, “Two pairs of shoes? Are you kidding me? Just where am I going to put all my stuff??”

The answer is Public Storage.

Using Public Storage While Staging a Home

You can’t just throw all of your excess belongings in your garage or basement, because these areas of the home have to appear clean and neat as well.

Since your home won’t be listed forever, it’s important that you use a storage option that offers the flexibility of a month-to-month lease, which can accommodate last minute changes or same day booking. Now you’ll have space to keep all the bulky or in-the-way extras like:

  • Furniture
  • Tools
  • Clothes
  • Books and boxes
  • Bikes and sporting goods
  • Machines like lawn mowers and snowplows

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to store your belongings or a realtor looking for a reliable service to refer your clients, you’re looking for two things: a safe, clean storage facility, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you through this vital yet stressful process.

So choose the storage specialists that Canadians have trusted for over 37 years!

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