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Important Message Regarding COVID-19

We are closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation around COVID-19 and reacting to new information as it arises to ready our operations and personnel for all possible scenarios.

In reviewing details of the most up to date provincial guidelines, Public Storage will align operational protocols as much as possible to the region, while continuing to provide our customers with continued access to storage solutions. We are doing what is necessary to support all our stakeholders and keep them safe. Operating for over 40 years in Canada, the well-being of our property staff and customers has always been a top priority.

Guidelines for All Canadian Locations

Our staff maintain a regimented routine of cleaning daily, with focus on high traffic areas. We continue to communicate best practices coming from authoritative sources on how to manage Covid-19 with our business. In addition, the following guidelines will be adhered to:

  • Persons experiencing any of the symptoms consistent with the Covid-19 virus, have visible illness, or flu like symptoms are not permitted on the premises.
  • If you cannot adhere to any one of the above, you will be refused entry to the property. Anyone with visible signs of illness, or symptoms consistent with the Covid-19 virus, will be refused service and asked to remove themselves from the premises.
  • It is recommended but not mandatory that masks be worn by all persons over the age of two within all indoor areas of all properties. Policy exception: province of Quebec – please see Additional Guidelines below.
  • All persons may be required to interact with our staff behind sneeze-guards inside all property offices.
  • All persons on premises must maintain social distancing of 2 meters where possible.
  • Manager has the right to enforce limits on the number of people allowed on the premises at one time per each rented space.
  • Credit card or debit card payments shall be accepted. For greater convenience and protection, payments may also be made online. Cash is strongly discouraged and may be accepted only if all other means of payment are unavailable.
  • Public Storage reserves the right to refuse entry to the facility or office at any time, and further reserves the right to remove any person from the property that fails to observe reasonable health and safety practices and the above guidelines.

Additional Guidelines for Quebec Locations

In addition to the above, face masks covering the mouth and nose must be worn by all persons over the age of two within all indoor areas of all properties without exception. Anyone, refusing to wear a mask inside our properties, for any reason, will not be permitted entry.

Customers with any concerns about their accounts or general questions can speak with a representative by contacting the property directly, or through our National Call Center at 1-877-777-8672. Public Storage takes great pride in promoting a safe working environment for its staff and valued customers. We thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and co-operation during this time.

On behalf of Public Storage,

Troy McLellan, President and CEO