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There’s no deposit required, no credit cards, and no obligation to rent.

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Guaranteed Space

Ensure the space is still available when you arrive to move-in.

Locked in Rates

Lock in the rate and promotion you have been offered.

Cancellation Forgiveness

There's also no charge if you decide you want to cancel.

“Really professional and friendly. These guys helped me get my first storage unit, and answered all my questions allowing me to know all what is involved. Super thorough - thanks guys!”

— Justin W.

— Liza R.

“It's a great experience with Public Storage!!! I love their services, they are amazing! The units are clean and perfect size. ”
“Very friendly staff always a smile and very helpful, very clean place. Highly recommend it.”

— Tina S.


Get 3 Months at 50% Off

on 5x10 units on the second floor and above

Reserve today and get 50% off the First 3 Months Rent

Terms & Conditions

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3  Months’ rent at 50% off is valid on select units at select locations. It is subject to change based on unit availability. A Public Storage Canada representative will confirm availability of this promotion in your region. 3 Months’ rent at 50% off cannot be combined with any other offer. 3 Months’ rent at 50% off is a prepaid offer with the balance due at the time of signing our month-to-month rental agreement. The storage unit rental can be cancelled at any time, even if your move-out occurs in the 1st month, but the 3 month’s prepaid rent at 50% off is non-refundable. New unit rentals only. This promotion is not offered to existing rentals that are transferring to new units.

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